The Redneck, the Jew, the Fat and the Poor

It’s done! I haven’t done anything digital lately, so this was great as practice. 
So this is how I imagine the South Park kids. I’ll probably get beaten up for making Kyle a rather unappealing Jewish kid, but he’s one, that’s the truth. But he’s real nice so he makes up for it.

  04/14/14 at 07:53pm

I’m puking up stuff like these
guys I have like three exams next week

I don’t know where Cartman’s hand went.

  04/12/14 at 10:37pm


Goodbye friends I’m actually fucking dead i cant handle this

I’m watching this right now <3

  04/12/14 at 06:10pm via reillydraws

I’m making them into my facebook timeline :’D

Kenny is like the freaking dreams of fanartist he’s just a hood.

  04/11/14 at 11:38pm

the redneck, the fat, the jew and the poor

this is pretty much the best show ever, and currently I’m hooked on it

  04/10/14 at 09:58pm

March ACEO  for Vashley of her pretty snowcat, Cid. I really like these types of characters, they are so unique somehow in their simplicity. 

  03/31/14 at 09:09pm

Hey guys, sorry for being so passive lately - my laptop’s gone bad, I’m left with an old PC. 

This month’s ACEOs, the top one is a WIP only, the bottom one is done! 

#aceo  #kisindian  
  03/27/14 at 11:28pm

February ACEO for MechanicalLemur on dA! 

He is steampunky but I started to not like this classical steampunk, so I rinsed it with some India. He probably thinks about how great was that trip to Delhi, while drinking some Chai!

  03/01/14 at 05:49pm

I’m crying

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I got 2000+ pageviews, a lot of faves and watches on Deviantart in TWO days

I’m gonna be epic rich(not actually) of George Martin. It’s sad though that only my fanart gets love, but way to go man!

  02/27/14 at 10:29pm