Everyone knows it’s Butters!

  04/21/14 at 09:59pm

The Boys Without Their Hats or

Kyle Has Close to Impossible Hair

  04/21/14 at 09:44pm


By miranda-ketu

omg so wonderful

oh hell

I’m enjoying drawing Kyle’s face so much

  04/21/14 at 08:29pm

The Redneck, the Jew, the Fat and the Poor

It’s done! I haven’t done anything digital lately, so this was great as practice. 
So this is how I imagine the South Park kids. I’ll probably get beaten up for making Kyle a rather unappealing Jewish kid, but he’s one, that’s the truth. But he’s real nice so he makes up for it.

  04/14/14 at 07:53pm

I’m puking up stuff like these
guys I have like three exams next week

I don’t know where Cartman’s hand went.

  04/12/14 at 10:37pm


Goodbye friends I’m actually fucking dead i cant handle this

I’m watching this right now <3

  04/12/14 at 06:10pm via reillydraws

I’m making them into my facebook timeline :’D

Kenny is like the freaking dreams of fanartist he’s just a hood.

  04/11/14 at 11:38pm

the redneck, the fat, the jew and the poor

this is pretty much the best show ever, and currently I’m hooked on it

  04/10/14 at 09:58pm

March ACEO  for Vashley of her pretty snowcat, Cid. I really like these types of characters, they are so unique somehow in their simplicity. 

  03/31/14 at 09:09pm