1. i had the idea that i have to draw a boat. i don’t draw these man-made stuff often, so i learned a lot!

    this boat is made for river travel, and it’s also a steamboat. but also has 1 sail because why not!

  2. bad characters designs

    four of them are supposed to be one family but then who cares about resemblance, right?

  3. eschergirls:


    So I came across one of those wonderful Chris Hart ‘How to draw Manga’ books with it’s usual array of wonderful anatomically sound drawings and helpful tips for the budding artist

    I broke out laughing at the part where they said future girl should be clothed with protective gear because of the harsh future, but that just means goggles, boots, and random shoulder pads.

    Remember to read the amusingly sexist text.
    "Her bathing suit is a great costume because it’s skin is tight and wet."

  4. Guys I’ll be at some newpaper stands for a month! ON THE STREETS!

  5. So for months now I have been hooked on League of Legends. I really-really love it. Only if people were more nicer, though on EUNE it tends to be not full of flamers.

    These are two of my favorite champs,
    Corki, a really fun AD carry and I play him most, look at his awesome moustache n’ Bismarck hat.
    Soraka who is supposed to a support character but she should be played either mid or top. I don’t really play with her because I always get those comments that “u r support go bot” so meh. But she’s a unicorn lady who throws out bananas so really fun!
    My other two favs are Susan(the Doge) and Kayle.

    I just bought these amazing brush markers and that black is oooooohhhh

  6. I went to my grandma’s for a week and I drew some things, though really not enough. It suddenly popped to me that I should draw some interior so I drew my bedroom twice and the kitchen. They’re still in the 70’s!

    Those watercolor brush pen my friend Suzanne told me to buy are currently the best and most fun purchase I have ever made 8D

  7. Tiny horse pianting for Silverybeast on DA of her pretty stallion Ksesach. I haven’t drawn/painted a horse FOREVER.

  8. yay finished in time

    contest entry for Epicline’s cover contest of the four bushos: Frost, Green, Acid and Fire.

  9. Yo guys, long time no art! Sorry about that, I had a month of internship which is required for having my diploma.

    Long time ago I found this awesome little contest made by a Hungarian comic magazine, Epicline, making a cover page for them, that is. They seem really cool guys, I’d really love to join them if I have more time.

    These masks belong to four bushos(masked men, who purposedly chases away winter, but in their story, they’re superhero-ish?) They’re called Frost, Green, Acid and Fire so they’re pretty much elementals too. This is only the plain masks, they’ll have some of their stuff going around them too. I’ll try to make this simple, but epic?? I also have like two days to finish this??? haha

  10. I have this rare luck that I can go to one of Budapest’s prettiest historical building(s), the Budapest University of Technology and Economy (BME). I wanted to make photos of them but the opportunity came only this weekend when we went down the Danube on a public transport boat(how awesome is that, too). I visit mostly the closest building, that sweet little cake slice of chemicals and microbes, the CH building, that is. It got renovenated just a little while ago, but only the front and the back, the other two sides still look like shit(how Hungarian is that??? :D). To be in it, is like being both in the 1900’s and both in around 1950-60’s(socialist times). What is tougher than the lecture rooms’ desks, is the education. But we’ll make decent engineers, huzzah!

    Oh, and this is only a mere 10% of the campus, you can see the K building(the main building with the two tower-things), which is just simply gorgeous, and then we have the library attached to it…

  11. i tried some pose drawings, i really love making these, but kinda suck at them. (90 sec crockies from quickposes.com)
    really good preactice, also, if you draw for 10 hours, you get a real life certificate for free :’D

  12. character designs???

    I should really research some clothing history. Anyways, three characters, three different(supposedly) cultures.
    Though the first one, Rannan, is a mixture of at least two cultures(he’s also a very rare “crossbreed”), he’s also a big traveler, so this infuences his clothing and behavior.
    Prote, the second one (featured a lots and lots of times on my blog, with different colors) is a medicine guy from somewhere cold, probably.
    And well, little Craave.

    Tagged #kisindian
  13. Boring flats!

    I’m really hoping to get rid of the ugly lineart and make these actual *paintings* (with dramatic shading and stuff)

    I also forgot Kenny’s makeup :((

  14. keinzantezuken:

    Beware the Night… Child of Light.

    Child of Light

    I have fallen in love with this game and I’m going to get it when I’ve finished my exams. It’s a turn-based RPG, but with exquisite twists, and GOSH look at the art.
    (also the soundtrack is… magical. no really, it IS)

  15. Some old art which I’m still kinda proud of but also embarrassed a bit.
    We got a new shiny computer and I put all my old stuff onto it. Of course, I started looking trough all these years’ *work* and by God am I a “special” snowflake. :’D Such horridnesses, and most of them used to be online! ahahaha what the flying f*ck

    1. from 2007, an orange feathery snake or whatever. i was all about Quetzalcoatl.
    2. this one actually got a Mod’s choice on Elfwood(does anybody remember that art site anymore?), done in 2008.
    3. done for a tiny artcontest, when I was in my weird furry era. The theme was stampunk, so I made a dog Hitler. Makes sense, right? It also won this contest, LMAO :’D (done in 2009)
    4. uhh this character was also made for a contest in 2010. we got some random pictures and some words, if I remember correctly. Later on I redesigned her because I kinda liked her, but never put her up on the Internet. And now I don’t know where the drawings went. uhhh she’s really weiding me out

    enjoy the horrible <3

    i should really do some illustrations or at least some finished stuff. aw, man